Alder lining

Another great option for finishing baths is alder paneling. This wood is famous for its excellent quality and durability, and even has some set of healing properties.

Продажа вагонки из ольхи

It is not particularly difficult to buy alder paneling in Kyiv, it is only necessary to take a closer look at the issue of product quality assessment and not to purchase low-quality production material. It is not necessary to think that this processing is suitable only for conditions of the raised humidity and temperatures, the lining of an alder is successfully applied and to a covering of other rooms.

Bath treatments in an alder bath are very useful for colds. Excellent quality and affordable prices for alder paneling have made it a popular material for cladding baths and steam rooms.

The unique features of alder paneling have such a therapeutic effect that to create an alder steam room is considered almost an elite direction. Tannins and fintocides, which are part of alder wood, are activated by heating, and can have a disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, astringent effect.

So the idea that for the bath and sauna is the best option alder lining, is not devoid of common sense and practical reasons.

The price of lining from an alder depends on grade and standard sizes of lumber. This wood is considered elite also due to the high complexity of its processing. Alder grows quite a lot in our country, so the cost of this tree species is relatively low and affordable.

Sale of lining from an alder it is necessary to note at once the fact that the alder is very exposed to variegated and to pick up ideal monophonic products it is practically impossible. Experts treat this feature of wood with understanding, because wood is a natural material, and nature is very diverse.

High-quality lining is resistant to temperature and humidity in the baths, and has on its surface special air ducts that allow air to circulate and prevent the accumulation of condensate. Alder has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, as well as an excellent level of heat and sound insulation.

The range of alder products is very wide. Lining of various lengths and thicknesses is available for sale. The variety of sizes allows to reduce significantly waste material at its use in finishing of the room and to reduce financial expenses of the consumer. Choosing alder paneling, you make a choice in favor of high quality and durability of your interior.