The bar can be of two types: it is square or rectangular. To give it such a shape, it is cut from all 4 sides. The sides of a wooden bar are called a layer and an edge, it is wide and narrow parties accordingly. The line of their intersection is the edge. The end is called the transverse side at each end.

The bar 50х50 is very widely applied in construction. But he is demanding to leave. If you follow all the features of its content, the wooden bar can serve for decades without changing its basic parameters. The quality of this building material depends mainly on the species of wood from which it is made. Usually it is coniferous or deciduous.

The coniferous species from which the bar is made are spruce, pine, larch, cedar, and the deciduous species are oak, birch, aspen, and others. Larch bar has the best performance.

Builders mainly use two types of bars - a wooden bar of natural moisture and a dry bar. The dry bar is obtained by artificially drying it in a drying chamber. The difference between these species in the percentage of humidity. So the dry bar has humidity from 8 to 12%, and natural - to 18%. Both are quite popular, but depending on the specific conditions it is wiser to buy a bar of a certain humidity. The bar of natural humidity is used for a lattice of ceilings and walls, laying of lags of a floor, often from it do bearing designs of various constructions.

In the furniture industry the bar from deciduous breeds of a tree is very popular. It is also used to make doors, partitions and other elements of the interior of the house.

Wooden bar has a huge number of positive qualities, so it is so widely used in construction. These are such as lightness, high strength, durability. It is very convenient at installation, has low thermal conductivity and coefficient of thermal expansion. It is very important for the bar manufacturer that this lumber is easy to make and the source material for it is relatively inexpensive.

But one of the most important advantages of a wooden bar is its environmental friendliness. That is why in the construction of residential buildings prefer bars.

For production of lining very often apply a dry bar of 50х100 mm. After drying, the bar is divided into three parts and further planed.

When storing a wooden bar, we stack it in such a way that air is constantly circulating inside. To protect the material from precipitation from above, the stack is covered with roofing material.

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