Floor board

доска пола

For arrangement of floors in apartments, houses, commercial and public premises the floor board is traditionally used. The service life of installed floors, the frequency of their repair and replacement directly depends on the quality of the finished product. You can buy a board cheaply anywhere, but how to get a guarantee of high quality material? The answer to this question is given by qualified specialists FO-P Biloshitsky Yu.V. - companies with many years of experience in the market of construction lumber in Kiev.

     The fact is that since the production of floorboards, it passes through a chain of intermediaries and third-party organizations. Such a supply scheme invariably increases the cost of materials for the final consumer. To keep board prices low, small companies buy secondary grades at discounted prices. As a result, after going through 3-4 intermediaries, the price of the floorboard remains low by market standards, and the questionable quality of the material remains only on the conscience of the seller, which is not very comforting in such a situation.

     Company FO-P Biloshitsky Yu.V. is a manufacturer of floorboards. Therefore, we do not skimp on the quality of products supplied and regularly check the compliance of purchased materials to all GOST standards. At the warehouses FO-P Biloshitsky Yu.V. optimal storage conditions for wood products are maintained throughout the year. Such modern standards of work give us an unconditional advantage, and to you an excellent opportunity to buy a board cheaply, high quality, in the full range of coniferous breeds of wood. You can make a purchase of the board right now (independently or with the help of our operators)

Order and delivery of a board for a floor in Kiev.