Imitation of a bar

To imitate the appearance of the house successfully allows the imitation of pine beams. Perfectly imitating natural timber, wood gives the building an original look, warmth and comfort of a Finnish house. We offer the low price for imitation of a bar from the producer which you can buy from us. We also have delivery in Kyiv and the region.

Имитация бруса из лиственницы
When attaching wood panels, regardless of the type of wood should follow the rule: imitation beams are fastened "by light", thus you can reduce the formation of shadows between the cladding panels: pine. The use of wood panels imitating a beam is justifiably useful covered area to the optimum cost. Below for comparison the useful covered area of the most demanded sizes of imitation, for any kinds of finishing works will be resulted.

Imitation of a bar from a pine is offered in several standard sizes that considerably increases spheres of application of such board.

The cost and standard sizes are specified in the price list.

In the photo gallery there are samples of interior cladding imitation under the beam. Feature of use of this material is horizontal fastening. Due to this, maximum resemblance to natural wood is achieved.

Имитация под брус цены

Natural imitation under a bar, unlike any other finishing material, possesses a number of advantageous advantages for the consumer:

    simple and easy installation, thanks to the presence of a spike and a groove, which nullify the appearance of gaps between the boards

    drainage of condensate, due to the presence on the back of the boards of special grooves. Due to this, the lining imitation beam has a longer service life

    different standard size, which allows you to choose the material with the maximum covered area or minimum thickness for interior cladding.

Sizes and prices

Note that for wholesale sales there is a DISCOUNT of 3% of the declared value. The price for imitation of a bar is actual therefore you can calculate the useful covered area or use the help of our experts.

Here are some examples, so that you can estimate the dimensions of the bar imitation, choose the best option for the area covered and the price:

    size 22x105x4000 with a volume of 1 m3 covers an area of 45.45 m2 (pine)

    size 22x105x4500 with a volume of 1 m3 covers an area of 45.45 m2 (pine)

    size 22x130x4000 with a volume of 1 m3 covers an area of 45.45 m2 (pine)


    size 22x130x4500 with a volume of 1 m3 covers an area of 45.45 m2 (pine)


Имитация бруса лиственницаConclusion: despite the different standard size, three types of wooden panels have the same covered area (with the same length). Therefore, it is necessary to proceed from the type of material and its grade. You can learn more in detail from our specialists by phone

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Larch for external and internal finishing

Imitation of a pine beam - the ideal economic decision at construction of the new house or at capital repairs of old habitation. A wooden facade made of pine will turn a simple country house into a luxurious cottage. It does not matter what the house is built of: brick, concrete, foam blocks.

Imitation under a bar of the price

Natural imitation of a bar from a pine

An excellent economic solution for inexpensive and beautiful finishing of a facade and an interior of a country cottage, a country house or an economic construction is considered imitation of a bar from a pine. If you buy this material - it can dramatically change the appearance and interior of any concrete or brick "box", turning it into an elegant wooden house. Use of this natural finishing material creates full impression that the construction is made of the pro-thinned-out bar.

Imitation under a bar a pine though is a kind of a pine lining, but differs from it in the sizes and a direction of installation. Besides, such boards for reliable and qualitative fastening of elements are provided with the lock "thorn-groove". It can be used to finish any base wall: concrete, brick, blocks or wood. In comparison with artificial materials pine differs in ecological purity of natural wood.

Useful Information

Imitation of timber gives the room a noble appearance, unique color in the room, environmental friendliness and other useful benefits.

Due to the properties of the material, the installation of imitation under the beam can be carried out all year round. It is often used in the interior decoration of baths and cottages.

Variety of imitation beams give the chance to choose a material for internal and external finishing of your country house.

After conducting a multi-aspect analysis of lumber to imitate the beam, you can make a table for clarity (see below).


Grade "A"

Variety "AB"

Grade "B"

Panel Geometry

Strictly maintained



Front surface

no roughness




perfectly matched


folded well

Healthy bitches



even fused

are present in some quantity


- -


Through cracks



width +/– 0.5mm





Mechanical damage




Resin pockets


width 8mm;

depth 3mm






Fallen and dark twigs