Pine lining

Softwood cladding (Eurolining) is one of the most economical materials, which allows you to finish various rooms with minimal costs. Ideal for both interior and exterior decoration. Finishing with eurolining from a pine will create comfort and a cosiness in your room.

Our company implements a flexible pricing policy, offering a large number of discount programs for regular customers. Eurolining is one of the main directions of our sales. Therefore, we are responsible for the quality of our products, and also offer you excellent prices.

For the last few years, Eurolining has been supplied to us by one of the best woodworking enterprises in the Kyiv region. This is a manufacturing company that carefully monitors the quality of its products. Prices for Eurolining of this manufacturer are the lowest in Kiev. It has a number of other indisputable advantages. The main advantages of our proposed Eurolining are:

    Softwood of the western regions of our country is used for production of eurolining. These are pine and spruce. This wood has a high density, which increases the service life of the lining and is better processed.

    German woodworking equipment "Weining" is used in production.

    The lining passes a full technological cycle according to the European norms. This guarantees its high quality.

    The lining is packed in a thermoshrinkable film. It protects the product from damage during transportation, as well as prevents excessive moisture;

    Constant availability in stock of a wide range of eurolining. You can always choose products of different sizes, made of wood of the required species.

    Favorable price for Eurolining without loss of quality. The optimal ratio of cost and high consumer characteristics of products - its main advantage.

All eurolining is made on the high-speed German equipment. This guarantees a perfect finish, as well as geometry and joining.

How to buy Eurolining?

We offer lumber through a network of warehouses located in different areas of the Moscow region. Sale of lining is carried out by any parties, warehouses work daily without lunch breaks. In addition, you can apply through the site. To order a lining on - line it is enough to fill in the form, having specified the contact data. We also accept applications for products by phone. You can find out the prices for lining, as well as get additional information by numbers

067 231-15-81, 063 948-14-45

For reference: Eurolining - dry planed profiled board, designed for dry interior and exterior decoration. Eurolining is made of different species of wood: spruce, pine, aspen, linden and others.

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